Ruth Mountain Summit

Above timberline, there is stillness rather than babbling, and when I enter into that stillness I can begin to listen to my own soul, to look for my own answers down my own path.


I was raised in Northern Arizona, in the high country town of Flagstaff. I have also lived in Alaska, Montana and Washington. I received an MFA from the University of Montana in 1990. Currently my home is Shoreline, Washington, where I live with my wife, a daughter, and two dogs. I work at Edmonds Community College, where I try to persuade skeptical students that the right words in the right order can be beautiful. I play and feed my soul in the mountains, on the track, and in the garden. Road Trip is my first book. These autobiographical essays explore the ways in which identity is shaped by relationships to landscape, community and family. The book is an account of both physical and spiritual migrations, as well as a celebration of the people and places that have made the trip worthwhile.